Screw Compressor in Delhi

Screw Compressor in Delhi - KK Techno Solution is the leading and well-known manufacturer and Supplier of Screw Compressor in Delhi, India. The screw compressors designed and offered by us are perfect for various industries and applications. Whether you are associated with food and beverages, chemical processes, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing goods, electronics, or sensitive components, or are involved in the automotive industry, we have the solutions for you. These screw compressors guarantee continuous compressed air use and produce a consistent flow of air.

Features Of Our Screw Compressors

  • Many customized models to choose from
  • Direct or belt-driven, variable or fixed speed
  • Low or high kW and airflow
  • Lubricated rotary screw compressor
  • Increased Airflow and reduced energy consumption
  • Durable and efficient performance across different applications
  • Suitable for different industrial plant air applications
Model Capacity(cfm) Working Pressure
TSC-30V 127.15 8.00
TSC-40V 228.17 8.00
TSC-50V 228.17 8.00
TSC-60V 271.96 8.00
TSC-75V 353.26 8.00
TSC-100V 469.75 8.00
TSC-120V 529.80 8.00
TSC-150V 681.67 8.00
TSC-175V 812.36 8.00
TSC-200V 935.98 8.00